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To those who wish to feel a world broader than now

What if your wish could be delivered to the moon?

The beautiful and mysterious moon

The moon that lets you feel its powerful energy

The moon that seems close, yet remains out of reach

To that moon that never ceases to captivate us,

we can deliver your wishes!

Such a project will be launched this fall

That is...


How will it be delivered to the moon?


A new experience gained through "Wish to the MOON"

スクリーンショット 2023-08-16 18.23.56.png

By adopting a perspective from space, please feel the unfolding of a worldview different from what you've known before!

スクリーンショット 2023-08-16 18.23.23.png

Enjoy the ultimate entertainment of challenging space, something that only special individuals could do before!

スクリーンショット 2023-08-16 18.24.32.png

Whether it's dreams, hopes, love for lovers, family, or friends, please feel your emotions resonating throughout the universe!


Out of a desire for many people to have this entirely new experience,

Participation in "Wish to the MOON" is


"Sentiments leading up to the 'Wish to the MOON' launch."

In 2005, I enrolled in space travel, and it transformed my life. I became able to mention my space travel endeavor when introducing myself. Space became a tangible part of my daily life, infusing each day with anticipation and excitement.

With a desire for all of you to experience the same,

I am launching 'Wish to the MOON'.

Let's deliver messages to the moon together and feel the closeness of space and the moon in our lives. After sending your message, when you gaze upon the moon, it will suddenly feel much more familiar, perhaps revealing a side you've never seen before.

Together, let's marvel at the universe and feel the thrill it offers.

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INAMI Space Laboratory CEO



A supportive message from Mr. Garvey Mackintosh, NASA's Asia Representative

Thank You Mr.Garvey!



 Lift OFF !!


 Lift OFF !!

Comments from our registered customers

Ken** Kakiuchi (10)

My dream is to become an astronaut, so I wrote about that. The fact that it'll be taken to the moon makes me really happy. I'll brag about it to my friends. I hope the launch is successful. If it is, I think I'll look at the moon every day

Hide** Tanaka (52)

I run a company, so I wished for its growth and the happiness of all my employees. They say wishes come true when spoken aloud, but I feel they might come true even more if released into space. Thank you for providing such a valuable opportunity.

Mi** Sasaki (42)

I love the moon, so just the thought of my wish reaching it makes my heart race. I wished for my family to always be happy! I'm also delighted that this sparked an interest in space for my son.




Q. When is the rocket launch scheduled?

A. We are planning for 2024-2025. However, there are often delays due to the convenience of the rocket provider. We will announce the launch date on the LP (Landing Page) and via email.

Q. Will the rocket definitely arrive at the Moon?

A. The Moon is still a world that humanity has just begun to challenge, and there's no guarantee that we can always arrive there, no matter how well-prepared we are. After the launch, please enjoy the challenge of venturing into space, including the possibility that landing on the lunar surface may not go as planned.


Let's have a perspective from the universe


"Send your dreams and wishes to the Moon with 'Wish the MOON'!"


"Let's expand your world!"


Those who are applying, please be sure to read

  1. As of July 2023, the rocket launch is scheduled for 2024-2025. However, due to the circumstances of the rocket launching company, the launch may be postponed or canceled.

  2. Regardless of the success or failure of the rocket launch, if the data we received cannot land on the lunar surface, we do not guarantee another launch.

  3. Once the application is completed, a receipt (PDF) will be sent as an email attachment.

4. If you register an invalid email address, you will not receive the          receipt. Please ensure that there are no errors.

5. The content of the data we receive will not be disclosed to third        parties.

6. Once you apply, cancellations cannot be made. Please                  understand.

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